Type 1 Diabetes

A patient is admitted with the following signs and symptoms: edema around the eyes upon awakening, progressing to general swelling of the legs and body; weight gain; fatigue; headache; nausea; vomiting; frequent hiccoughs; and itching. A urine specimen is obtained,…

Post-transplant patient

Certain precautions must be followed when performing dialysis on a recent transplant recipient. Indicate the precautions regarding dialysis for the post-transplant patient.

Teaching Project Brochure for Population Health

Create a trifold brochure based on the population and disease chosen for the Week 5 Epidemiology Paper (Diabetes among youth) Prepare to share your project with the class. Include the following information in your brochure : �Present an overview of…

Peritoneal dialysis

. What steps need to be taken to diagnose and eliminate the problem of dialysate leakage during peritoneal dialysis?

Diabetic nephropathy

Diabetic nephropathy results from an elevation of blood pressure, increasing the workload of the glomeruli. The glomeruli thicken and allow serum albumin to pass into the urine. Which signs and symptoms indicate diabetic nephropathy?


Understanding PICO(T)-formatted clinical questions are important in nursing research. PICO(T) is a mnemonic used to describe the four or five elements of a good clinical question: POPULATION, INTERVENTION, COMPARISON, OUTCOME and TIMEFRAME (P,I,C,O,T). These components of a clinical question also…

heart failure

John is a 56 year-old male who was initially diagnosed 6 months ago with heart failure. He was treated via a 3-day stay in the hospital and sent home with a drug regime and since then has been seen in…