CAPS 401 General Education Capstone

For #3 in the directions of the CAPS 401 General Education Capstone assignment, I am posting questions below for you to address.  Please cite references in your response. You may use the text from your paper to answer these questions.

1. What was the primary question of your research?


2. After going through the paper development process, did you have to change your research question?

3. Which level of inquiry question (scientific, mathematical, cultural, or ethical)  was the most challenging to answer? (Include a paragraph from this section of your paper to show what you were able to include.)

4.  What is one simple to implement solution or improvement that you think would help the population impacted by your research topic?

5. In conclusion, what was one takeaway you gained from the research/one major point?

6. What is one question that you could develop/ask now to further investigate the topic you researched? CAPS 401 General Education Capstone