Chinese civilization

Chinese civilization

Describe and discuss gender roles in the traditional Chinese family as shown by particular characters and situations in TWO of the following works of fiction: Golden Lotus (Jin Ping Mei), Unofficial History of the Scholars, Story of the Stone and ONE of the following selections from Chinese Civilization: A Sourcebook, 238-255.

54: Family Instructions

55: Concubines

56: Widows Loyal Unto Death


Please quote directly from all three texts (the two works of fiction and one selection from Ebrey) to support your opinions. When you cite from Ebrey, please include the title of the article you’re quoting, not just “Ebrey.”

HOW TO HAND YOUR PAPER IN: Writing assignments must be submitted through the Turnitin link on the iLearn course page by midnight on the due date, December 12.  No paper copy is necessary

FORMAT: Your paper should have a meaningful title, which should appear on a separate title page with your name, the course number (HUM 530), and the due date. Please double space, number the pages and use 1” margin settings and a 12-point, easily readable typeface. Proofread carefully for errors in logic, organization, grammar, and spelling. Do not hand in your first draft–it should be a second draft at the very least.

SOURCES AND CITATION: This is NOT a research paper.  It’s a response paper.  In the humanities, you learn to make interpretive arguments based on your own responses to primary sources, including novels, poetry, film, visual arts, music, and other forms of creative expression. Therefore, in your papers you should quote or refer to only materials assigned in the course, which you should cite very briefly (author, title and page numbers only, in parentheses in the body of the text.) Do not include quotations in your minimum word count, and do not use other sources, whether they are print or online.  I will not accept your paper if you do.