Cyber security in California Health Care Company

Cyber security in California Health Care Company

Company background

California health care has increased the use of health records therefore, the providers has worked diligently in order to eradicate breaches in patient health information. According to Voeller (2014, p.67), the cyber security risks are increasing as the role of technology in the delivery of health care activities. The organization find itself mitigating a variety of emerging cyber-attacks to a broad range of operational technology systems.California health care works with it is team of information management system in order to develop a stable cyber security defense.

Due to the risks of cyber-attacks, California health care has developed a health care cyber security document viewed at a glance. This is resourceful to the firm since it urgently addressesthe cyber security. Therefore, the firm is working with information management team to identify health net security need for strong cyber security defense and proper analysis of comprehensive hazard vulnerability. The stake holders are regional Associations that develops cyber security at-a-glance document. These stakeholders, uses electronic health record to mitigate various cyber-attacks as it is noticed that, risk posed to organizations and individuals by other entities with bad objectives, increases.

State selection and resources

The state selected for the project is the health Net office in California. In California, there is a Cyber California which is actively growing as a coalition of academic institutions, state agencies and businesses who understands the need of addressing the concern of cyber security as well as the opportunities associated with technologies for the next generation. This cyber California was formed in 2015 with conjunction with the innovation Network to develop numerous cyber security partnerships that include pending chain supply grant application, youth innovation challenge and summit of industry in governor office (Sculler, 2016).

IT Audit and Compliance, is one of the helpful resource to use in analyzing the cyber security legislative impact. This ensures that, there is compliance, audit and regulatory maintenance plans that successfully maintain a persistent assessment approach. Use of IT risks assessment and management. It entails a proactive cyber security strategy, managing risk and real-time approach to assessing to defend against current’s cyber-attacks. Finally, the use of IT Policies and Governance that entails laws, rules, guidelines, regulations and procedures which outlines the structure processes and authority needed to do the cyber security mission. Therefore, it is governance, serves as the base of entire proactive cyber security program. The use of this resource as cyber security legislative impact in California State is very effective as it governs a clear defined stratification of authority and a well-communicated policy (Izuakor, 2016, p.33).








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