Fetal Abnormality Case Study Essay Examples

Fetal Abnormality Case Study Essay Examples

Based on “Case Study: Fetal Abnormality” and other required topic study materials, write a 750-1,000-word reflection that answers the following questions:

What is the Christian view of the nature of human persons, and which theory of moral status is it compatible with? How is this related to the intrinsic human value and dignity?
Which theory or theories are being used by Jessica, Marco, Maria, and Dr. Wilson to determine the moral status of the fetus? What from the case study specifically leads you to believe that they hold the theory you selected?
How does the theory determine or influence each of their recommendations for action? Fetal Abnormality Case Study Essay Examples.
What theory do you agree with? Why? How would that theory determine or influence the recommendation for action?


Remember to support your responses with the topic study materials.

Case Study: Fetal Abnormality

Jessica is a 30-year-old immigrant from Mexico City. She and her husband Marco have been in the United States for the last three years and have finally earned enough money to move out of their Aunt Maria’s home and into an apartment of their own. They are both hard workers. Jessica works 50 hours a week at a local restaurant and Marco has been contracting side jobs in construction. Six months before their move to an apartment, Jessica finds out she is pregnant.

Fetal Abnormality Case Study Essay Examples


Four months later, Jessica and Marco arrive at the county hospital, a large, public, nonteaching hospital. A preliminary ultrasound indicates a possible abnormality with the fetus. Further scans are conducted, and it is determined that the fetus has a rare condition in which it has not developed any arms and will not likely develop them. There is also a 25% chance that the fetus may have Down syndrome.

Dr. Wilson, the primary attending physician, is seeing Jessica for the first time, since she and Marco did not receive earlier prenatal care over concerns about finances. Marco insists that Dr. Wilson refrain from telling Jessica the scan results, assuring him that he will tell his wife himself when she is emotionally ready for the news. While Marco and Dr. Wilson are talking in another room, Aunt Maria walks into the room with a distressed look on her face. She can tell that something is wrong and inquires of Dr. Wilson. After hearing of the diagnosis, she walks out of the room wailing loudly and praying aloud. Fetal Abnormality Case Study Essay Examples.

Marco and Dr. Wilson continue their discussion, and Dr. Wilson insists that he has an obligation to Jessica as his patient and that she has a right to know the diagnosis of the fetus. He furthermore is intent on discussing all relevant factors and options regarding the next step, including abortion. Marco insists on taking some time to think of how to break the news to Jessica, but Dr. Wilson, frustrated with the direction of the conversation, informs the husband that such a choice is not his to make. Dr. Wilson proceeds back across the hall, where he walks in on Aunt Maria awkwardly praying with Jessica and phoning the priest. At that point, Dr. Wilson gently but briefly informs Jessica of the diagnosis and lays out the option for abortion as a responsible medical alternative, given the quality of life such a child would have. Jessica looks at him and struggles to hold back her tears.


Jessica is torn between her hopes of a better socioeconomic position and increased independence, along with her conviction that all life is sacred. Marco will support Jessica in whatever decision she makes but is finding it difficult not to view the pregnancy and the prospects of a disabled child as a burden and a barrier to their economic security and plans. Dr. Wilson lays out all of the options but clearly makes his view known that abortion is “scientifically” and medically a wise choice in this situation. Fetal Abnormality Case Study Essay Examples. Aunt Maria pleads with Jessica to follow through with the pregnancy and allow what “God intends” to take place and urges Jessica to think of her responsibility as a mother.


Fetal Abnormality Case Study Essay Examples -1

The reproductive choice of a women although looks individualistic in real it drags politics, social policy makers, legal issues which makes termination of fetus a criminal offense. A number of questions had been raised by different authorities such as what to do when the fetuses

have a short life span, should the family go for birth or terminate? In case of fetal abnormality whose choice should prevail? In the current case scenario, Marco his wife Jessica, Aunt Maria and Dr. Wilson are acting based upon different theories. Marco’s insisting Dr. Wilson to refrain from covey the message of fetal abnormality suggests stress theory/coping theory is followed by Marco. Marco was well aware of the fact, that this stressful event can lead to traumatic situation and further worsen the condition. He was aware of the fact that, after so many hardships they were able to settle in their own apartment and with a new beginning in vicinity Jessica won’t be able to tolerate and might go deep into traumatic shock. According to social support theory or stress theory support from society or family persons and friends helps in mitigating the effects of stress on an individual. Since Marco has been assisting her during difficult period, his action implicates his support for delivering the message by him which might reduce the effect of traumatic news. Research suggests poor participation from partner might intensify the grief for an individual based upon stress theory (Barrera, 1986). His actions can be explained based upon Life span theory which implicates; social support development depends upon type of attachment and period of attachment. His concern for Jessica’s mental health status and her motherly aspirations indicates he has a strong bond with Jessica being her partner and time spent with her in both good and bad situations. Fetal Abnormality Case Study Essay Examples The life span theory integrates adaptive personality and life experience (Uchino, 2009). Dr. Wilson on other hand is following bio-medical ethics which advocates the client must be informed about his/her health status prior to any intervention taken in favour of good health. Similarly, with advancement in medical technology and diagnosis it is now feasible to determine the abnormalities of fetus which was previously not feasible. Dr. Wilson seems more inclined towards his professional ethics and conduct and less towards social and emotional intelligence theory inclined. He seems to not having a holistic approach towards his client. Although, his actions are adhering to biomedical ethics guidelines, the health outcomes indicate other interventional strategies such as psychological counseling(Dondrop et al, 2012). Maria, aunt of Jessica seems to be a conservative Christian ideology follower, who thinks abortion is immoral and against god. So she asks the process to be continued and let the event take its own course. From Jessica and Marco’s family background it seems aunty Maria belongs to Eastern Orthodox Church ideology believers. According to Eastern Orthodox Church going for abortion is equivalent to taking of human life. She is not concerned with health of Jessica and more concerned with ethical questions and her religious belief about fetal abnormality(Shelly and Miller, 2009).


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Fetal Abnormality Case Study Essay Examples -2

Jessica Is torn between her desire to be financially Independent and her belief that all life has value. Her belief Is what Sob describes as moral status based on something simply being alive, including all living organisms and ecosystems, etc. She may decide not to terminate her pregnancy because all life is sacred to her and has its own value and rights. Marco is also worried about how having a disabled child will be a financial burden. However, it is not definite that the child will even have Down Syndrome or what Its level of functioning will be, or if the child will only be Ron without arms and no mental disability.

Marco Is possibly beveling the fetus at Its current age as lacking moral status according to three theories, moral status based on moral agency, consciousness, and sentience. Moral agency is the ability to make Judgments about whether actions are right or wrong and if intentions can be morally Judged. According to studies, fetus do not develop consciousness or sentience until around week 28. Based on the Information given In the case study, the fetus Is less than 28 weeks. Marco may discuss termination with Jessica based on these three theories. DRP. Wilson also takes the stance on the fetus lacking moral status according to these three theories, but for scientific and quality of life reasons as opposed to financial ones. Maria is absolutely opposed to any mention of termination. She views the moral status of the fetus based on Jessica responsibility as a mother, or the theory of moral agency based on relationships.

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This theory states that a person just not Interfere with another person or must respect their rights because they have a relationship with them. For example, the relationship between a parent and their child, or in this case their fetus, provides a particularly strong case for a parent not to kill their child or abort their fetus Arrows & Attainment, 2013). Aside from the relationship of Jessica and her fetus which may prevent her from terminating, this theory Is also applicable In this case to Marco and Jessica, as he Is going to support any decision that she makes based on their relationship.

It can also be applied to the physician-patient relationship, so DRP. Wilson must respect Jessica and Marco’s rights as parents and their choice because of their relationship. Because moral status has to do with which beings have value or rights, I tend to agree with the theory of sentience. I believe that animals do have rights, especially In terms of biomedical ethics and research. I may, however, seem hypocritical In this Dealer Decease I am not a vegetarian. Fetal Abnormality Case Study Essay Examples.

But In tens case, oases on tens tenure I would De likely to terminate the pregnancy at this early stage due to the severe disability and childhood for mental disability. However, since I have never been pregnant I do not know how that real-life experience would change my viewpoint and decision. When deciding what action to take regarding a physically and possibly mentally disabled fetus, all individuals involved may have their own opinions and reasons behind them. Because there are several theories of moral status when it comes to evaluating the fetus, the concept of value and rights is a very personal belief.

Fetal Abnormality Case Study Essay Examples -3

All throughout life we go through and sometimes have to face and trade with the most ambitious and unexpected fortunes. Thankfully. we have the ability to take a minute and believe sagely about our picks. Because that is finally what life is about doing determinations. In the Case Study: Fetal Abnormality Jessica and Marco are faced with some unfortunate intelligence from Dr. Wilson. that the foetus Jessica was transporting was non likely to develop any weaponries and had a one-fourth of a opportunity of holding Down syndrome. They were faced with a twosome of options to cover with the state of affairs consequently which was either to maintain. abort. or give the babe up for acceptance. However. each of the persons involved gave their recommendation for action based on the different moral position theories.

When it comes to Aunt Maria. I would tie in two theories with her. which is the moral bureau and the relationship theory. For one she is affecting God in the equation as being a factor in the determination devising procedure for both Jessica and Marco in respects to aborting the foetus. Fetal Abnormality Case Study Essay Examples Immediately when she mentioned God and the fact that He intended the gestation to go on. me being a Christian. I know that He makes no errors and for Jessica and Marco to travel along with the abortion it would be seen as iniquitous. “ Thou shalt non kill” . ( Exodus 20:13 ) Another theory that she is utilizing is the relationship theory. Reason being is because she has reasonably much already established a relationship between Jessica and the unborn foetus the minute she urged Jessica to “think of her duty as a mother” . Given that the aunt displayed the moral bureau and relationship theory each influenced her recommendation in assorted ways. Get downing with the moral bureau theory. of class the foetus did non show any apprehension of morality Aunt Maria did.

Based on the scenario given. she relied on her ethical motives and hence took it upon herself to do a opinion call towards Jessica on whether or non it is right or incorrect to take abortion. When it comes to the relationship theory. Aunt Maria has applied it to the foetus in relation to Jessica ( maternity ) . Sing that the theory says that functions coincide with the relationship between existences. the Aunt. like stated before gave Jessica the function of female parent when she urged her to take attention of her duties of a female parent. Equally far as Dr. Wilson he has demonstrated the ways of the human belongings theory to find the moral position of the foetus. Dr. Wilson looked at the state of affairs from a doctor’s point of position by proposing an abortion based on scientific and medical agencies. The human belongings theory influenced Dr. Wilson’s greatly in my sentiment.

“Some of the features that would give a being with moral position under this position would include things like. being conceived from human parents. or holding a human familial codification. or the characteristics of a human ( physical homo features ) . And since the babe will be born without weaponries. the physician might hold found it merely to abort the babe since it lacks the physical human features of weaponries. However. if the babe were to be born with weaponries and merely hold down syndrome I’m sure the physician would non be for abortion since there are babes born with down syndrome. I would besides tie in the moral bureau theory with Jessica because she saw life as something sacred. However. I feel as though she is a bit indecisive about the determination. Now this is when the moral bureau comes into the equation. A person’s ethical motives plays a immense portion in their determination devising picks and even though it is non straight stated in the scenario I think she might take to maintain the foetus seeing that she sees life as being sacred and if she bases her actions off her morality of right and incorrect so she will maintain the kid Fetal Abnormality Case Study Essay Examples. Equally far as her hubby Marco is utilizing the relationship theory to find whether or non to maintain the kid.

He has already accepted the duty of paternity and foresees the loads put on him and Jessica if they were to go on through with the gestation. Marco falls into the relationship class because even though he does non desire to hold the function of being a male parent to the unborn foetus. the theory stills considers it a relationship between the two because even if one party in the relationship does non want or value the other party there is still a relationship that has been established even though the male parent wants to hold the abortion. In this state of affairs I believe that it is an uneasy determination that no 1 should hold to do. Have this had been me in this quandary I would take to see the gestation through. nevertheless I would take to give the kid up for acceptance because I don’t believe it is the child’s mistake that they are born with this disablement so I would give them the chance to populate for I excessively see life as being sacred Fetal Abnormality Case Study Essay Examples.

As a consequence one might state that the theory I relate excessively is the moral bureau one. I chose to manage the determination based on my morality and I thought that it was non right to take to end the gestation. Due to me judging the state of affairs and make up one’s minding what was right and what was incorrect. my determination was to a great extent influenced by the moral bureau theory. Overall this is an unpleasant circumstance to cover with but frequently times people in this universe can’t handle something every bit annihilating as this. This is precisely why people do hold to halt and believe rationally about the determinations that will be made. There were a assortment of theories introduced and different ways to manage them but it all depended on the parents. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours it depends on the determinations of both parents to come to an understanding to manage the issue as one. Fetal Abnormality Case Study Essay Examples.

Write a 750-1000 word Fetal Abnormality Case Study Essay Examples analysis of “Case Study: Fetal Abnormality.” Be sure to address the following questions:

  1. Which theory or theories are being used by Jessica, Marco, Maria, and Dr. Wilson to determine the moral status of the fetus? Explain.
  2. How does the theory determine or influence each of their recommendation for action?
  3. What theory do you agree with? How would that theory determine or influence the recommendation for action?

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