Joe clinical rotation Essay

Joe clinical rotation Essay

Joe is an NP student entering his second clinical rotation. He received positive feedback and evaluation from his first preceptor who was a physician very experienced in clinical education of NPs, PAs, and medical residents. For the current clinical experience he is at a busy federally qualified health center with a large immigrant population that are mainly Spanish-speaking. Joe does not speak Spanish but has started taking a medical Spanish course to help him communicate with these patients as well as for his future as an NP Joe clinical rotation Essay.
It has been a very different experience thus far, although it has only been 2 full clinical days. The preceptor is a fairly new NP who has only been practicing for 2 years. Her schedule is always overloaded and there are multiple issues to address with the complex patients on her panel. The first day Joe followed the preceptor and did not see any patients on his own. The second day he was directed to see a patient but to be done in 10 minutes so the preceptor could come in and go over the history and physical herself before they made a plan of care. The patient was a 62-year-old male with a history of diabetes, hypertension, and depression. Joe clinical rotation Essay. He did not speak much English and so Joe had to use the translation services phone line. Joe had barely gotten the translator on the phone when the preceptor entered and was frustrated he had not completed the history and physical so she took over and saw the patient with Joe shadowing once again. The next patient he was sent to see was a 21-year-old female who was at the clinic for a discussion about contraceptive options. Joe had not covered this topic yet in didactic education so he had to go to his preceptor to inform her about this problem. The preceptor was visibly frustrated and said they would have to talk later, that this did not seem to be going well as a clinical experience for him and she was too busy to have such an “inexperienced student.” Joe clinical rotation Essay.
Discussion Questions.


1.How could this situation have been avoided?
2.Are there steps to prepare a preceptor for what to expect with different students at different levels of experience?
3.Who should Joe reach out to?
4.Who should the preceptor reach out to? Can this clinical experience work for Joe?






Field practice by nurse practitioners can be challenging especially in a busy healthcare environment as evident in Joe’s case. However, Joe’s situation could have been avoided if the preceptor was prepared for the kind of candidates to expect. An effective orientation for Joe would be critical in informing Joe on the hospital routine and the nature of his tasks. The preceptor should also have been trained properly to interact and pass the appropriate knowledge and guidance to the new staff Joe clinical rotation Essay. Notably, teaching the preceptor management of time and prioritization in patient care would have helped the student in adhering to the duration assigned per patient.

Preceptor preparation is crucial. Multiple steps exist to prepare them for what to expect with different students at different levels of experience. These include understanding your role as a preceptor and working towards achieving their positive outcomes. Another step is to set responsibilities and goals and establish relationships with the student which allows communication and this follows developing of effective communication skills, providing structured learning experiences and providing feedback (Bazzell & Dains, 2017). A preceptor should also prepare themselves to be lasting mentors to the student. Joe clinical rotation Essay.

Joe should reach out to his instructor in school and ask for advice on how to resolve the situation. He can also contact his former preceptor to help him understand the challenges of working in a busy environment and how to improve on his practice. On the other hand, the preceptor should reach out to his supervisor to guide him on the best approach to the inexperienced student.  This clinical experience is workable for Joe if the preceptor will be willing to create a positive social environment and attitude towards him as well as demonstrate willingness to help regardless of the tight schedule.


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