Journal: Time Management (Observe, Process, Reflect)

Submit a minimum 150-word Journal Assignment. Journal about one aspect of the classroom resources (Assignments, Discussions, or assigned readings) that surprised you. Additionally, journal about one or both of the options below:
Option 1
What concerns do you have about managing distractions and obtaining the support you need to be successful? Include how you plan to make certain that you have support, and how you will take personal responsibility for your own success.

Journal: Time Management

The classroom discussions interested me the most as they provided a platform where students can learn from each other and articulate the contents in the course in their own words. However, the discussions were not conducive to cover huge amounts of content (Turner & Hicks, 2015).  Since discussions are dynamically interactive, they helped me to learn, be motivated, complete homework and to prepare for classes. It is surprising that all discussions were productive and enhanced my ability to invent, create, imagine, take risks and dig deeper for different meanings. Perhaps it was because they took place in an environment where fellow classmates and I felt safer to share ideas. The class instructors also had a vital role to play in making the discussions meaningful; they accomplished this by being mindful of the vital conditions associated with interactive teaching (Lin-Siegler, Dweck & Cohen, 2016). Class instructors also provided leading discussions where each student could contribute meaningfully.

As a student, I value every minute of the day to ensure that I get things done in terms of, completing assignments on time, attending classes as scheduled and solving any personal problems which may arise. However, my greatest concern about managing distractions is the ability to pay attention from the beginning to the end of a class session. Besides, I often find difficult to open up and ask for assistance from classmates, educators or class instructors in any areas in classwork that may prove to be difficult. To adequately address these concerns, I plan to develop a culture where I set boundaries and have expectations about everything I do (Alderman & MacDonald, 2015).   I will build a support system of classmates and class instructors who will be able to regularly hold me accountable and observing and to-do-lists.



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