Many Faces: Addressing Diversity in Health Care Essay

To Prepare Many Faces: Addressing Diversity in Health Care Essay
• Review the article “Many Faces: Addressing Diversity in Health Care,” provided in this week’s Resources.
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Post a substantive 2-paragraph response (at least 350 words) to one of the options below. Develop and post cohesive paragraphs, and use evidence to support your ideas.


Complete one of the following options (Option One, Option Two, or Option Three). Use the Discussion Rubric to develop your post.
Reflect on your reading from this week, and then address one of the following:
Option One:
• Describe an incident, or incidents, in your own nursing practice in which you expressed social or cultural sensitivity in order to elicit a competent health history or assessment. Explain the positive impact your sensitivity had on patient care or collegial efficacy of patient care.
Option Two:
• Describe a situation in which the absence of social or cultural sensitivity adversely impacted patient care or collegial efficacy of patient care. How could the situation been handled to produce a more positive outcome during the health interview or assessment?
Option Three:
• Describe one or more situations that illustrate social or cultural humility, or insensitivity, among your colleagues in a manner that fostered improved peer cooperation or efficacy of patient care or impeded such care. Many Faces: Addressing Diversity in Health Care Essay.

It’s a Small, Small World – Many Faces: Addressing Diversity in Health Care Essay


Healthcare diversity is influenced by the changes in economics and demographics (Campinha-Bacote, 2003). Healthcare disparities associated with the cultural backgrounds continue to challenge the delivery of quality services in the contemporary society. Cultural competence promotes cultural sensitivity particularly in enhancing trust, communication and effective navigation within the healthcare systems (Reyes, Hadley & Davenport, 2013).

Option Three

My colleagues and I work at the emergency department of a large metropolitan healthcare facility. In this case, we occasionally receive patients from multilingual and multicultural backgrounds which often challenge healthcare delivery particularly due to communication and issues related to beliefs and values (Tucker et al., 2015). During the previous month, my colleagues encountered a cultural situation involving a very sickly patient who insisted on having her traditional spiritual healer perform her treatment. Many Faces: Addressing Diversity in Health Care Essay. The nurses believed that her choice of treatment impacted her recovery outcomes adversely and placed her wellbeing at risk. As such, this situation demanded the practice of cultural humility to ensure that the nurses respect the culture of the patient while delivering their services. Many Faces: Addressing Diversity in Health Care Essay.

The aim of healthcare delivery is to promote good health and positive recovery outcomes of patients regardless of their cultural or personal backgrounds (Foronda et al. 2016). However, multiculturalism tends to challenge the effectiveness of care thus demanding sensitive and tough decisions. In this situation, my colleagues encountered a dilemma of taking up the patient choice and upholding her wellbeing. Following this, they had to listen to the values, needs, opinions and understand the ethno cultural beliefs which helped them integrate the patient cultural concepts in the treatment plan to facilitate the achievement of the patient specific health goals (Brinkmann, 2017). They also explained the negative impacts associated with the decisions she was making and supported her in making informed decisions from an informed consent Many Faces: Addressing Diversity in Health Care Essay. Eventually, the patient agreed to the treatment and involved her healer in the plan which facilitated her recovery within a short period.

It is thus evident that cultural sensitivity fosters improved peer cooperation and efficacy in healthcare. Respecting the patient health needs and their cultural beliefs support informed decision making and promotes teamwork in the formulation of desirable treatment plans for multicultural patients. Many Faces: Addressing Diversity in Health Care Essay.


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