MN566 NP I Scope of Practice Essay Example

MN566 NP I Scope of Practice Essay Example Scope of Practice

MN566 NP I – Introduction to Primary Care for the Nurse Practitioner

Scope of Practice

The Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) Consensus Model standardizes each aspect of the regulatory process for advanced practice registered nurses. MN566 NP I Scope of Practice Essay Example By doing this it increases the state to state mobility for practicing APRNs, the ability to provide needed care will be increased nationwide (Brassard, 2014).  The American Nurses Association has pushed this initiative in order to advance the scope of practice and change licensure laws to ensure unrestricted practice authority for advanced practice registered nurses across the United States.


At this present time only twenty-three states and the District of Columbia have granted full practice authority to advanced practice registered nurses. Granting full practice authority to advanced practice registered nurses would “promote safety and contribute to the protection of the public and provision of quality care” (Burke, Richardson & Smith, 2017).  Holtschneider (2016) pointed out that practitioners are educators, mentors, leaders, researchers, and advocates. MN566 NP I Scope of Practice Essay Example.

How My Practice is Affected

In order to provide quality, cost effective care to patients, advanced practice registered nurses must be able to practice to the full extent of their education and skills set in every state across the nation (American Nurses Association, n.d.).  Unfortunately, in my home state of Texas, we are forced to work under restrictions as outlined in Tex. Admin. Code §22-11-221.13 (Texas Scope, 2018).  Texas’ state practice and licensure laws require advanced practice nurses to work under the supervision on a physician for the entirety of their careers (AANP, 2018).  This restrictive environment is due in great part to the funding by physician’s groups who are intent on maintaining a physician controlled medical environment MN566 NP I Scope of Practice Essay Example.

Granting full practice authority would change the entire dynamic of health care in the state of Texas and prevent qualified advanced practice registered nurses from pursue careers in other states.   My career will be greatly hampered by these unjust restrictions.  Not only will I be forced to work under physician doing the same work, but I will be forced to accept a significantly lower reimbursement from insurances.

Unless our state legislators wake up and realize that they must remove the restrictions to our practice authority I plan on relocating to another state.  This would be one of the most difficult decisions that I have ever been forced to make in my life.  It would mean leaving all my family and friends. MN566 NP I Scope of Practice Essay Example.

What My Future Holds.

It was not until I began working towards my master’s degree that I learned about practice restrictions and how it would hamper my future clinical practice.  This knowledge has motivated me to become involved in the legislative process to help promote change.  In order to do that we must make it a priority to become fully informed about legislative candidates at all levels of government and their position on licensure restrictions (Newland, 2016).

Soon my career will lead me to another state unless Texas removes the practice restrictions on advanced nurse practitioners.  Regardless of where my path leads, I will be an active participant in the legislative process to help ensure changes that benefit our profession are made.  Without nurses in numbers fighting for our rights, changes will not come. MN566 NP I Scope of Practice Essay Example.


In a country where the primary care physician shortage is becoming increasingly worse each year, to restrict the practice authority of advanced practice registered nurses is detrimental the wellbeing of the nation.  Utilizing APRNs with unrestricted practice authority as primary care health care providers would ensure that more people would have access to affordable, quality care MN566 NP I Scope of Practice Essay Example.  According to Rudner Lugo (2016), nurses will have to work together utilizing grass-root efforts to gain political support from legislators to change the licensure restrictions for APRNs.  If these restrictions are not lifted, the exodus of APRNs to unrestricted states will continue.


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MN566 NP I Scope of Practice Essay Example