NUR 2058 Dimensions Of Nursing Exams

NUR 2058 Dimensions Of Nursing Exams

Chapter 1

What is critical thinking?



What is all included in the nursing process?



Think of examples for the nursing process.



Chapter 2

What are some strategies for learning preferences?


Think of examples of different learning preferences.



Chapter 3

What does the Benner model consist of? 


Know each of the levels and examples.


Chapter 3

What is a theory and how is it used in nursing?


What are the key concepts common to nursing models?



What is general systems theory?



What is an Open system?



With the Orem model, self-care model what are the differences between wholly compensated care, partially compensated care & supportive developmental care


What is The King Model of Goal Attainment and who developed it?



What are some examples of primary, secondary, and tertiary interventions?


What are the middle-range theories and models?



With the Neuman Model what are the different types of Interventions that can be used?



Chapter 6

What is the code of ethics, how was it developed and how does it help nurses?



What is the system of morals?



Define these terms:



What are the steps for the ethical decision-making process?


Chapter 7

How is confidentiality used in genetic and mandatory screening?


What happens when the donor is a child?


What is the difference between passive and active euthanasia?



What is the issue of self-determination with euthanasia?



What is the nurses legally protected for reporting child abuse?



Chapter 8

What is civil and tort law?



What is malpractice? Think of examples



What are the definitions of these intentional torts: assault, battery, false imprisonment, abandonment, and intentional infliction of emotional distress?



What is the nurse’s duty with informed consents?


What are advance directives?


What does a durable power of attorney do?



How does the Good Samaritan Act protect nurses?