NUR 550 Translational Research Nursing Essay example

NUR 550 Translational Research Nursing Essay example

Weekly discussion question for NUR 550- In your own words, define translational research and how it connects to your role, either individually or in a collective practice. Describe how you might use it in your current or future setting (currently-operating room manager, future setting-Masters in nursing with emphasis in education)


Translational Research

Translational research refers to the application of knowledge from the basic science, research findings and clinical trials to address the medical needs and improve health outcomes. Translational research promotes multidirectional incorporation of basic research, population-oriented research, and patient-focused research to improve public health (Curtis et al., 2017). In addition, translational research integrates the needs of the general public and the community members are actively engaged to identify their health needs that need to be addressed through research (Titler, 2018). Using translational research, the best available medical and health practices to address the medical needs are then implemented according to the research findings.

As an operating room manager, translational research comes in handy, especially when implementing the best-practices and care delivery in the operating room. The patients in the operating room have different medical needs and therefore as the manager, I always ensure that the best-practices adapted for the care of these patients are informed by the research findings. Therefore, in my current setting translational research can be useful in addressing the medical needs of the surgical patients and ensuring that the patients are actively engaged and involved throughout the research process. NUR 550 Translational Research Nursing Essay example

In my future role as a nurse educator, I plan to use translational research to develop knowledge base valuable in preparing competent nurses capable of promoting and maintain wellness and care for patients using transformative transitions. Moreover, I plan to use transformational research to guide the designing of courses and programs in nursing education and also develop the best learning and teaching practices.


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