NURS 4020 Leadership Competencies in Nursing and Healthcare Essay

NURS 4020 Leadership Competencies in Nursing and Healthcare Essay

Combine all the practicum together and present a power point .
Practicum Change Project PowerPoint  (
Benefit of reaching patient within 2 days of hospital discharge in reducing chance of readmission)


Create a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes your Practicum Change Project.   Include a minimum of 8 slides (15 maximum) and the following information provided below. The PowerPoint Presentation is worth a maximum of 200 points . Points will be awarded as follows.



Requirement Criteria Points
Title Page Follows APA requirements for the title page 10 points
Describe the proposed change including evidence to support the project.  Identify the quality and safety issue addressed by the project. Collaborates with professionals in the facility to discuss the need for the proposed change.Identifies the quality and safety issue addressed by the project. 20 points
Describe the change theory and model used as framework for the project. Apply the steps of the change theory to the project development process. Selects one of the major change theories and applies the project development process to each step of the theory.Discusses how the project aligns with the facility mission, vision and values. 30 points
Describe your collaborattion with multidisciplinary team members. Describes the members of the multidisciplinary team and their role in the proposed project. 30 points
Present the proposed budget for the project. Develops a realistic budget for the project including salaries, equipment, supplies, education, travel and so forth.  Justifies the need for the budget items. NURS 4020 Leadership Competencies in Nursing and Healthcare Essay. 30 points
Discuss the quality and safety issue addressed by the project. Discusses the quality and safety issue and how the project will help decrease the incidence of the issue in the facility. 30 points
Describe dissemination strategies and justify the selection of the strategies Describes the most effective way to disseminate the final project if the opportunity were available to do so. 30 points
A minimum of 5 scholarly references are used in the project including peer-reviewed research articles and textbooks. References are current and are peer-reviewed research articles and/or current textbooks. 20 points
Total  200 Points
Deductions – 25 Points may be deducted for:Late posting of PowerPoint (Post by Day 4)

Inadequate number of references to support your project. NURS 4020 Leadership Competencies in Nursing and Healthcare Essay.

Errors such as: typos, grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, or lack of APA style or incorrect APA formatted references.


What is the difference between leadership activities and management activities:

Leadership can be described as the conduct of a person when guiding the activities of a given group towards a common goal. The main concept of roles of leadership is based on impacting group activities and adjusting to change Sullivan, E. J. (2013. There is a challenge when considering leadership in the healthcare context because most theories are not formed within the healthcare framework for they were normally established for business contexts and later applied to the healthcare. Management can simply be defined as the process that managers utilize to realize organizational goals. It’s the process of achieving organizational set goals through the available resources.

How do management and leadership activities contribute to the success of change initiatives:

The activities involved in this process include planning, staffing, organizing, directing, controlling, and making decisions in the operations of the system to attain anticipated result and improve its entire performance. Management involves a combination of steps to follow to achieve the set requirements. Leaders look for suitable ways of doing things for instance they will establish the goals and purposes for the people (American Nurses Association, 2010; Sullivan, 2013). Anyone can be a leader without necessarily being in an authority position. NURS 4020 Leadership Competencies in Nursing and Healthcare Essay.

Transformational leadership is necessary along with good management of staff and resources. This entails committing individuals to action, converting those under you into leaders and converting the leaders themselves into change agents. It has less to do with use of power to pressure and suppress others in order to achieve result. Instead, it involves empowering them to understand and own the vision of the organization and trusting them to work towards the goals that profit not just themselves but the organization in general (Sullivan, 2013). In nursing empowerment would result to enhanced patient care, reduced sick days, and less attrition. NURS 4020 Leadership Competencies in Nursing and Healthcare Essay.

Through this, the staff will have higher job satisfaction and there will be higher retention of staff amongst there nursing functions.

What change projects are needed in your agency at this time?

Among the changes required is to ensure nurses practice to the full capacity of their education and training and programs to be formed to ensure nurses attain higher training to much the growing demands in the sector. These can only be achieved through good leadership and proper management. The Company that I work for currently is an insurance company and as a registered nurse case management, there is always area of change especially in reaching patients who had just been discharge in a timely manner so that gap in their discharge instructions, medications reconciliation and other issues can be address to avoid readmission. NURS 4020 Leadership Competencies in Nursing and Healthcare Essay.

Which project will I select for my practicum change project:

I will select the benefit of reaching patient within 2 days of hospital discharge in reducing chance of readmission


American Nurses Association (2010).Nursing: Scope & standards of practice. Silver Spring, MD: American Nurses Association. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases

Sullivan, E. J. (2013). Effective leadership and management in nursing. (8th ed.). Upper Saddle River: Pearson Prentice Hall

Change Implementation

Change is inevitable in any sphere of life. In the healthcare sector, change is even more critical. The dynamic nature of technologies, the healthcare sector, and health care requirements necessitate for any healthcare institution review its practice and adopt the best available. This paper addresses change in a hospital setup. v.

Several change theories exist, which help implement varying nature of changes in hospitals (Sullivan, 2012). The most useful theory of change applied to my place of practice, The United Healthcare Group, is the Roger’s theory. The Roger’s Theory, also referred to as the Diffusion of Innovation Theory, was advanced by Rogers and entails a description of the process by which people in any setup respond to change (Sullivan, 2012). The Theory describes five steps towards the adoption of a change, which comprise the creation of awareness stage, interest creation, evaluation of effectiveness, implementation and the adoption stages (Sullivan, 2012).

My project entails the introduction of post-discharge calls to monitor the patients and help prevent hospital readmissions. The Roger’s Change Theory allows a stepwise evaluation of the project progress. This helps the change process to be modified as necessary during the implementation process. NURS 4020 Leadership Competencies in Nursing and Healthcare Essay.

The United Healthcare Group’s mission is to provide people with healthier lives and make convenient the health care system cost effectively. The Group seeks to uphold integrity, compassion, relationships, performance and innovation as its core values. The vision to provide a high value of service to their clients and become the medical center of choice guides the group. The change aims to improve the patients’ health while reducing incidences of re-hospitalization. This is in line with hospitals mission and values. Moreover, the follow-up leads to an improved quality life, which is in line with the institution’s vision.


Sullivan, E. J. (2012). Effective leadership and management in nursing (8th ed.). Boston: Pearson. NURS 4020 Leadership Competencies in Nursing and Healthcare Essay