NURS 6051 Week 1 Discussion – To err is human sample essays

NURS 6051 Week 1 Discussion – To err is human sample essays

In nursing, there are many times we rely on data. The American Nurses Informatics Association’s mission statement is “to advance nursing informatics through education, research, and practice in all roles and settings.” Without crucial data such as vital signs, lab work, radiographic readings, and other useful technology, how can healthcare professionals perform their jobs effectively and treat patients? How does staff communicate pertinent data? Electronic medical records such as Meditech and Epic keep staff up to date on patients and their status. Poor patient outcomes would be the result of incomplete and incompetent data.


There is a scenario that comes to mind when a patient’s life depended on how I interpreted the data after his surgical procedure (kidney stone removal). After the patient arrived from recovery, he started shivering uncontrollably. Yes, that can be a common side effect of anesthesia, but that is usually immediately post-operatively. Noticing the intense shivering, I took his temperature, and it read 106 degrees Fahrenheit. I then rechecked it due to the insanely high number. Heart rate was in the 110s to 115s, and blood pressure was dangerously low in the 60s over 30s. With my knowledge and nursing background, I immediately thought of urosepsis. I notified the rapid response team, and ancillary departments arrived at our unit to assess and gather the appropriate diagnostics tests. We increased his fluids and started antibiotics NURS 6051 Week 1 Discussion – To err is human sample essays.

Without noticing his shivering and taking his temperature, urosepsis would have taken over his body, and this patient could have quickly perished. His lactate level was an eight, which indicates organ failure. This patient did end up in the ICU but soon recovered due to my quick actions and responding to his vital signs. In nursing, we rely on various machines and devices to provide feedback on a patient’s condition. This feedback then interprets the appropriate care needed and plan of action for this patient.

Before this class, I did not know Nursing Informatics was an actual concept that pertained to me. However, now that I have learned the concepts of informatics in nursing practice, I realize that I integrate informatics every day. Nagle, Sermeus, and Junger (2017) stated that a wide array of emerging technologies and increases in data analytics make the integration of informatics imperative into every area of nursing NURS 6051 Week 1 Discussion – To err is human sample essays. While working in the field of nursing, new technology is always emerging. Therefore, it is critical to keep up on the latest research and grow our knowledge. This scenario is where we, as nurses, integrate informatics into our practice.

According to our readings, McGonigle and Mastrian (2017) described knowledge as an awareness and understanding of a set of information and ways that information is useful to support a specific task or arrive at a decision. My patient above, I went by what his vitals were telling me, and I quickly made an action plan gained from knowledge with past experiences. NURS 6051 Week 1 Discussion – To err is human sample essays.


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Week 1 discussion 6051N

Clear The Err

Taking into consideration the article released by the Institute of medicine parentheses (IOM) parentheses, and bringing awareness surrounding patient safety parenthesis( Plawecki & Amrhein,, 2009). As human mistakes are bound to happen: as a society, we must learn from those mistakes. Sharing information is important to improvements patient safety. The way we share the information should be done in a concise, safe and easy to use manner. The capital IOM was influential in bringing awareness to the need for an increase in accountability for patient safety comes outcomes. Thus, the birth of the electric electronic medical record charting in the advancement of technology integration into the healthcare field. Health care systems now have a more standard size system in place that protects patients. While technologies can be overwhelming to use at times, it can help protect patients in improve patient safety outcomes(Plawecki & Amrhein, 2009) NURS 6051 Week 1 Discussion – To err is human sample essays.

Quality Chasm: Current Role

I worked in the area to focus on training and past experiences. The manager would often say do it the way you were trained. The staff will comment this is how we have always done it. The manager was not a nurse, and I had a concern with this as she could not understand the implications of certain actions as it related to patient safety and nursing. Most of the action were not evidence-based practice. However, move into an inpatient. There has nurse managers and nursing educators have made a difference in the way care is delivered. The focus now is on evidence based practice. When practices and policies are change, staff is updated and give information about what evidence shows (Wakefelid,2008).


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