Nurse Training for Competency in Nursing Informatics discussion Essay

Nurse Training for Competency in Nursing Informatics discussion Essay

Nurse Training for Competency in Nursing Informatics

Nursing informatics is a fairly recent specialty that is becoming more and more important with the explosion of technology. Like other professions, the nursing profession can no longer ignore the pervasive influence of technology. This is because novel innovations have been and continue to be introduced into the healthcare industry. These require that nurses be competent and skilled in their usage to capture healthcare data. This is nursing informatics. To achieve the level of competencies required, however, the nurses already working need to go through an upskilling program that equips them with the required competencies (TIC Collaborative, 2009; Hübner et al., 2018).


In my practice, the trainings I have attended and that were intended to give me the competencies in nursing informatics involved computer literacy and information management. These are two of the core nurse competencies needed according to the TIC Collaborative (2009) final report. This was on-the-job training which equipped me with the competency of computer knowledge. I was taught how to maximally use Microsoft word, excel, and PowerPoint. I was also taught how to collect information, process it, and present it as a body of knowledge (information management) (TIC Collaborative, 2009). Nurse Training for Competency in Nursing Informatics discussion Essay

Nurses are thus required to always stay up-to-date with the developments and explosion in novel technologies and nurse informatics. To achieve this, the best strategy would be to attend all the trainings and professional development opportunities that present themselves and have something to do with nursing informatics. If the health facility in which the nurse is working does not have a nurse informaticist, the nurse is also encouraged to take the opportunity and specialise in nursing informatics. She can then become the nurse informaticist of the same organization. In this, the organization can sponsor her for the training as the return on investment would be worth it Nurse Training for Competency in Nursing Informatics discussion Essay. Some of the new contemporary technologies that have exploded in the healthcare landscape and which the nurse has to know how to use include (Ellis, 2019):

  • Smart inhalers with blue-tooth capability
  • Nanotherapy for cancer chemotherapy
  • Wearable health technologies, and


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Interaction Between Nurse Informaticists and Other Specialists
Nurse informaticists work to eradicate unnecessary work, improve accuracy and analyze data so as to assist other professionals within my healthcare organization to enhance the quality and safety of patient care. Lundy and Janes (2015) indicate that nurse informaticists utilize nursing science along with communication and computer science in managing and communicating knowledge, data and information n nursing practice to produce efficient and effective patient outcomes for communities and individuals. Nurse informaticists facilitate the knowledge, information, and data integration to support other nurses, patients as well as health professionals to make decisions in different settings and role. This support is accomplished via the utilization of information technology, processes, and structures (Masters, 2018). Nurse informaticists collaborate with the information technology team to find schemes of simplifying and enhancing documentation utilizing advanced information and computer technologies. Nurse Training for Competency in Nursing Informatics discussion Essay
Interactions between nurses informaticists and other professionals in my organization can be improved by ensuring that the information systems are user-friendly and effective to enable informatics nurses and other health care providers to find, receive, send, and utilize electronic health information in a way that is timely, reliable, secure, and appropriate to support the wellness and health of patients via shared decision-making. As indicated by Mamta (2014), when health professionals are able to access complete and up to date patient notes, they are able to make improved decisions about patients’ care. For instance, with the utilization of electronic documentation, identification of alterations of patient status can happen swiftly since providers are able to readily access information. Trending of vita signs of a patient is often accessible and there are interpretation, systematization, and arrangement of data. Health professionals can utilize this knowledge in formalizing a suitable action plan.
The continued evolution of nursing informatics as a specialty and/or the continued emergence of new technologies might impact interprofessional interactions making clinical practice to be basically team based. The teams will comprise of patients along with their family members, interprofessional teams, and a variety of virtual devices that will all be connected. Teams will function across organizational boundaries and will be structured around a certain patient. It will be necessary for sharing and clarification of goals and definition and acceptance of roles (Nagle et al, 2017).

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There is a need to have ongoing staff and leadership development, education and faculty development on informatics competencies (TIGER Guide, 2009). In many organizations unit participation to hospital wide mandatory in-service for up to date processes and learning is required.

Can you provide some specific examples of trainings that you were required to attend highlighting the specific competency involved as identified in the TIGER Informatics Competencies Collaborative?

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