Nurse unions essay

Comment on the following nurse unions essay;

Engaging is an important way for nurses to achieve policy changes that will positively impact the workplace culture of safety and patient safety. Although only 10.7 percent of American employees were members of labor unions in 2016, 18 percent of registered nurses belonged to labor unions, and this likely reflects the ability of the unions to provide job security, better working conditions, and guaranteed wages (Gerardo, 2017). The fact that nurses are members of labor unions in numbers that are almost double those of the regular workforce in the United States implies that nurses’ unions have something important to offer.


One of the most important things that nurse unions have to offer is the promise of better working conditions for nurses. Nurse unions lobby and advocate for safety rules that impact nurse-to-patient ratios, the number of hours that a nurse can be required to work, and better protocols and rules that impact safety. These types of safety issues impact nurses and patientst. For example a recent study of nurse staffing and nurse-to-patient ratios that involved nine different European countries found that increasing a nurses’ load of patients by just one patient was associated with an increased probability of the patient dying within 30 days of admission to the hospital by seven percent (Aiken et al., 2014). This means that issues such as cutting nurse staffing in the interest of saving money hurts not only the nurses, who must work harder and provide less care to patients, but it also hurts patients.

Nurse unions have the power of numbers. Nurses can and should join nurses’ unions in order to receive benefits of not only better pay and wages, but to also receive better working conditions. These working conditions affect not only the health and wellbeing of the nurses themselves, but they also affect the health of patients that the nurses are caring for. Therefore, it is the right thing to do for nurses to join labor unions. There are two Masters Essentials that this issue can relate to: Quality Improvement and Safety, and Health Policy and Advocacy. This

is because labor unions can impact the culture of safety in the workplace. As well, by advocating for better working conditions for nurses, one is also advocating for better patient outcomes. Nurse unions essay.


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