Nursing advocacy essay

Nursing advocacy essay

Select and clearly describe an issue facing advanced practice nurses related to scope of practice. After describing the issue, please answer the following questions.
What ethical impact does the issue have on direct patient care? Please provide specific examples.

Describe any law or legal issue surrounding this policy issue.
Decide how this policy would affect your specific role as an advanced practice nurse.
Describe any changes you would make to your selected health policy issue. Please provide rationale for each cited change.


Note: You should use current literature (material published within the past seven years unless it is seminal works on the topic or by the author) to support your position Nursing advocacy essay.

Nursing advocacy

Nursing advocacy is believed to be the pillar of change in the healthcare system. Nurses advocate for the communities, their workplaces and their patients which promotes change in the system. The nurses’ concerns as well as the patients’ challenges are shared by federal candidates through the support of the American Nurses Association Political Action Committee (ANA-PAC) (Walker et al., 2015).

Political action by nurses has direct impacts on patient care. It advocates for the resolution of patients challenges such as informed decision-making that is supported by autonomy (Choi, 2015). For instance, the political advocacy action translates medical terms which help the patients understand their health conditions and treatment options thus making ethical decisions. Additionally, it brings about the improvement of the healthcare quality delivery through provision of the necessary equipment, technologies and services by the government (Peltzer et al., 2016) Nursing advocacy essay. For example, nurses advocate for introduction of new medical technologies and machinery that help in the improvement of patient conditions in the emergency unit or increase in the number of equipment used for emergency patient cases.

The state and federal laws address nursing advocacy. The Nurse practice Act regulates the nursing practice and balances the protection of public health responsibility and the practicing rights of the nurses (Watson & O’Connor, 2017). This allows nurses to advocate for the public wellness as well as their own practice rights. Advocacy improves my nursing roles in that it provides a platform to air my concerns and as well as those of my patients. Nursing advocacy essay the change that I would make on the advocacy representation is that all nursing specialist be represented in the advocacy action to improve interdisciplinary collaboration during the resolution of healthcare problems affecting both the nurses and the patients.


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