nursing and counseling theories in psychotherapy essay

Nursing and counseling theories in psychotherapy essay

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In this practicum, I look forward to using the Modeling and Remodeling theory by Helen Erickson, Mary Ann and Evelyn Tomlin that was developed the year 1983 to guide my practice. This theory promotes nurses ability to take care of and nurture patients with a lot of respect and awareness based on individual needs, beliefs, cultural and religious values (Erickson, 2010). The modeling and remodeling theory draws its concepts from Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, Maslow’s theory of hierarchy of needs and Erikson’s theory of psychosocial stages. I chose this nursing theory since it approaches to care based on the differences and commonalities that exist among people. Using these characteristics, nurses can understand a client’s needs and appropriately intervene to achieve health-directed goals.


The counseling theory of choice for use in my practicum is the cognitive-behavioral theory which holds diverse views on the role of cognition in behavior change. The cognitive-behavioral theory has proven to be highly effective in helping patients to explore and understand their thoughts, fears and how negative behaviors and emotions impacts psychological functioning (Beck & Haigh, 2014). The theory purposes to increase patient awareness when they negatively interpret situations and adopt bad behavioral patterns that promote distorted thoughts. The theory has three major assumptions: faulty cognitions about other people causes abnormality, the cognitions result to distorted thinking and inaccuracies in thought processes lead to disordered behavior and emotions (Beck & Haigh, 2014). Using this theory, it will be easier to help clients to differently analyze situations and understand how alternative behaviors and thoughts can positively impact emotions, behaviors, and decisions hence reducing psychological distress. nursing and counseling theories in psychotherapy essay.



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