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Nursing essays Academic Writing Expectations Checklist

NURS 4100: Weeks 1–6


The items noted below are areas where you can improve. Click on the links to access Writing Center resources:


  • Sentence-level skills

Using commas appropriately. See examples of the different comma uses.

Ensuring that pronouns match their nouns. See this discussion of noun-pronoun agreement.

Proofreading for grammar, mechanics, and spelling. Read these proofreading tips.




  • Paragraph-level skills

Focusing each paragraph on one central idea (rather than multiple ideas). See an explanation of how topic sentences work.

Ordering sentences logically in a paragraph. See an explanation of how the MEAL plan builds a strong paragraph. Nursing essays




  • Essay-level skills

Structuring the paper (with an introduction, body, and conclusion). See an explanation of outlining a paper to plan organization.

Making an overall argument. See description and examples of thesis statements.

Using transitions to guide the reader and show relationships. See a guide to transitional phrases.




  • Awareness of audience and discipline Nursing essays

Writing in an academic voice. See the different facets of an appropriately formal tone.

Formatting the paper according to APA style guidelines. See the course paper template for correct margins, spacing, font, and more.



  • Use of evidence

Using readings, statistics, or data to effectively support a claim. See examples of integrating evidence in a paper.

Avoiding quotes. If used, enclose direct quotes in quotation marks. Read about the purpose of quotation marks.

Paraphrasing to avoid plagiarizing the source. See paraphrasing strategies. (Paraphrase rather than quote—no more than one quote)

Use the most current evidence (usually ≤ 5 years old). Nursing essays




  • Credit to source

Using in-text citations appropriately. See examples of citations in APA style.

Setting up your reference list at the end of the paper or Discussion post. See this reference list overview.

Formatting the reference entries according to APA style. See common reference examples here.


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