Nursing- Leadership Assignment – COLORFUL PERSONALITIES

Nursing- Leadership Assignment – COLORFUL PERSONALITIES

Answer the following questions. APA format. Include citation from Kouzes and Posner for question 4.

For question 2, my myers briggs personality is INJT and for color personality is Gold, I attached what the meaning of Gold is.

Assignment instructions


  1. Make a list of four or five experiences from the past that have been  “turning points” for you- experiences that have truly influenced the  direction you have taken in your life. These experiences can be from  twenty years ago, or from the present.  The importance is that they made  a real difference in your life. Describe each experience in a few  words.
  2. Now review the experiences in your list. Do you see a pattern?  Is  there a common theme?  What is the pattern?  What are the themes?  What  do they tell you about what creates meaning for you?  How does this  relate to your Myers Briggs and Colorful Personality inventories?
  3. Imagine that you are attending a dinner given by your colleagues to  honor you as “Leader of the Year”. One after another, your colleagues  and your family talk about the contributions you have made to the  organization and the community.  What do you hope they will say about  you?
  4. Are you clear about your organization’s vision? If not, where do you  need clarity, and how are you going to find it?  What if there is a  conflict?  How will you deal with that? What does Kouzes and Posner say  about vision?

Nursing- Leadership Assignment – COLORFUL PERSONALITIES


Create an understanding of who you really are

Put words to feelings and stresses

Celebrates uniqueness and talents

Gives a general idea of what your personality style is all about

Understand other’s differences to achieve effective communication



Believe in following through on commitments; dependable, prepared, punctual

Loyal; understand what is right and wrong in life

Value home, family, traditions

Faithful and caring friend; loves helping others and fulfilling sense of belonging

Plan things out carefully and orderly in concrete steps to see things through to completion

Sense of duty and responsibility; taken very seriously

Go the extra mile

Work on one project, fully complete it well then move to next one

Good team players

Organized; make lists

Strict rule followers-follow policies

Not risk takers, conservative

Practical, detail-oriented

Get stressed by mess and clutter

Nursing- Leadership Assignment – COLORFUL PERSONALITIES



Idealist, intuitive

Seek harmony; easily connects with others

Love team work; everything revolves around relationships

Always looks for good in others

Excellent caregivers, mediators, peacemakers

Often get taken advantage of; deeply affected by criticism, harsh words, cruelty

Heart on their sleeve; spiritual

Follow their heart

Sacrifice own wishes to accommodate others

Good listeners

Positive and optimistic

Work on touching peoples lives and having a positive impact

Cannot be phony or insincere

Strong need to feel included

Needs to express when feelings are hurt

Forgive but never forget

Frequently say “I’m  sorry” even if not their fault

The Peacemakers



Enjoy being noticed and recognized

Have to have latest & greatest & coolest stuff


Love back and forth interactions

May make lots of money but spend it quickly

Act on impulse

Love physical activity; competitive

Challenge boundaries and the status quo

Love speed and action, adventure, excitement

Multi-takers; keep moving to keep from getting bored

Plan at last minute; may give others ulcers but doesn’t give self one

Wing it; play it by ear; see what happens

Creative; artistic; no fear

Anything is possible

Like challenges

Not usually on time but stays late

Don’t like to sit for long periods of time

Name droppers

“Just do it”  “Go for it”  “Get over it”



Leaders, not followers

Always want to learn and grow

Love learning

Trend setters

Think things through, look at consequences, possibilities, implications

Above average intellectually

Information is power

Like to teach and train others what they have learned

Like to be well prepared; research a topic and analyze it

Logical thought process, options research and defendable

Always thinking

Content watching from sidelines; participating drains energy level

Wants to understand how their piece fits in the big picture

Communication via Email-gives them time to think things through and reply on their own schedule

Everything spelled correctly, good grammar

Research big purchases; own the latest gadgets

Don’t like to repeat things

Nursing- Leadership Assignment – COLORFUL PERSONALITIES