Nursing theory perspectives and values essay

700 Week 5 Discussion Nursing theory perspectives and values essay

This week’s content introduced essential components that contribute to the development of empiric knowledge in the nursing discipline. This week also addressed how we go beyond words and create meaning. Using the assigned readings and your professional experience as a starting point, answer the following:

1. In chapter 7 Chinn and Kramer (Knowledge Development in Nursing: Theory and Process 9th edition) provide four definitions from the nursing literature that emphasize different perspectives and different underlying values that involve nursing theory (pg 156) Nursing theory perspectives and values essay. Add to this list by identifying an additional definition from the nursing literature that expands your understanding of the definition of theory. In your response provide a direct quote from the source, and then paraphrase the direct quote into your own words.


2. Identify a word that has a common meaning when used in the context of nursing (e.g., hypothermia). After you identify the word, explain how everyday direct and indirect experiences shape perceptions (create meaning) of what the word means to the discipline Nursing theory perspectives and values essay.

Nursing theory must provide basic principles that underpin nursing practice and help in advancing knowledge and research. In clinical practice, nursing theory is practiced at two main levels namely: situation-specific and general levels. In situation-specific levels, theories provide theoretical rationales that guide nursing actions in clinical settings. In general levels, nursing theories promote dedication and orientation to nursing philosophies and perspectives for integration in all aspects of nursing practice. From nursing literature, the definitions which emphasized the various perspectives and values that underlie nursing theory are as follows:

  • It is a reasonably interlinked set of confirmed hypotheses

This description reveals nursing theory as a specific form of expression that is guided by reasonable rules which need the testing and confirmation of hypotheses using scientific and empiric research methods.

ü  It is a conceptual framework whose invention aims at addressing a specific purpose

This definition emphasizes the aims of creating a theory and reveals the essence of a theory having a purpose.

  • A creative grouping of knowledge, ideas, and experiences with symbolic representation that strives to explain a particular phenomenon

This definition reveals that a theory should promote understanding of a given phenomenon which can or cannot be directly applied in clinical practice Nursing theory perspectives and values essay

  • Collection of logical and conceptual principles which act as a central point of reference for an inquiry

Although this definition fails to address a specific purpose for nursing theory or suggest a particular method for theory development

Another definition of theory from nursing literature that expands my understanding is: theory is an innovative and thorough structuring of ideas which illuminate a purposeful, tentative and systematic view of a phenomenon (Marañón & Pera, 2015).  This definition means that theory cannot be objective to reveal what should be observed. Therefore, it is based on assumptions, ideas, personal judgment and value choices of a theorist to explain specific possibilities and perceptions. Nursing theory perspectives and values essay.

A word with a common meaning when used in the nursing context is caring. In a nursing context, it refers to an act of empathy, concern, and kindness to other people (Norman, Rossillo & Skelton, 2016). It can also mean looking after a person who needs assistance to achieve individual goals or maintain health status. From a sociological context, caring is defined as an act of compassion.


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