Organizational Change Project and SMART goals Presentation

Organizational Change Project and SMART goals Presentation

You have compiled and analyzed your data and identified trends that could affect your change project. Now it is time for you to give an update to the organization. This assignment will help you relate that information in an appropriate and compelling way.

Compile all of the assignments from previous weeks, including references and sources.

Create a 15- to 20-minute (15-20 slides not including Title or Refence slides).compelling presentation that outlines the project for the affiliate organization based on your previous research. (Be sure to include detailed speakers notes) Include the following elements:


  • Justification for change, which includes data from your results– including research summary, data analysis, risk-benefit analysis, cost-benefit analysis
  • Accreditation standards or regulatory requirements, as identified in the Week 3 assignment
  • The theory chosen to drive the change in the Week 4 assignment
  • The internal and external challenges and their potential impact on the project
  • Charts to present the data and trends
  • At least two SMART goals to facilitate your plan

Cite all sources in the presentation from previous assignments where applicable. This might take the form of in-text citations or footnotes, as appropriate for the presentation.

Include APA-formatted references for all citations on separate slides.