PMHNP clinical interview

PMHNP clinical interview

Despite what you may believe (or may have been told), there is no such thing as one “right” way to do an interview. In fact, there are numerous books written about the various ways of conducting the clinical interview. In actual clinical practice, you will find the format that “works” best for you and addresses your unique strengths and the needs of the client.

In this Discussion, you will practice finding the interview format that works for you and share those ideas with your colleagues for feedback PMHNP clinical interview.


Learning Objectives
Students will:
Develop formats for initial interviews of mental health clients

Develop an interview format you would use for an initial interview of a client.

By Day 3
Attach the interview format document you would use for an initial interview of a client.
Describe what interview format your preceptor uses for the initial interview of a client.
Describe which element of your interview format is most helpful in your practice. PMHNP clinical interview