Pulmonary Mucormycosis

Pulmonary Mucormycosis is most common in patients that are immunocompromised. Early diagnosis for early treatment is essential for this life-threatening disease. Yes, depending on the patient’s reason for having a low immunity, neutropenia can occur and increase the patient’s risk for infection even greater. But, the patient in our DQ had a high WBC count. The lab did not show differentiation of the WBCs. Doesn’t the elevated WBC count mean the person’s immune system is trying to fight the fungus? I do not think our patient needs colony stimulating factors for neutropenia. But our patient may need surgery as you pointed out. “There are four determining factor in the successful treatment of mucormycosis: early diagnosis, amphotericin B, surgical resection and reversal of host impairment” ( Oluwatobi, et al., 2016).