Quantitative Research Example

Quantitative Research Example

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Quantitative research consists in a study that focuses on obtaining numerical data through methods like questionnaires, surveys, pre-existing statistical data and using group of people to explain certain case. One example of quantitative research is Correlational research that consists in the study of the interactions between two or more variables excluding the cause-and-effect relationship of these variables. Applying this to healthcare field, one example can be the study of two blood thinner medications excluding the fact of the adverse reaction combined with certain food.

Another quantitative research example is the Quasi-experimental research. This type of research looks for the cause-and-effect relationship among variables. This type of research is very applicable to nursing field. This type of study ca be applied in order to evaluates how a nursing intervention can have effects over a variables that can be certain patients. For example, Quasi- experimental research can be used to evaluate how early ambulation (nursing intervention) can have a positive effect over a certain variable (post-surgery patients). Early ambulation is very favorable for post-surgery patients due to promotes oxygen flow through the body improving the breathing function and diminishing the anesthetic effects. On other hand improves the muscle tone, diminishing the weakness, activates the GI and urinary function and speeds wound healing.

Quantitative research is very important because based on an evidence base approach can be applied to nursing practice helping to improve the care quality and provide the most cost-efficient patient care possible.


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