Research Critiques and PICO Statement Benchmark Assignment Template

Research Critiques and PICO Statement Benchmark Assignment TemplateBenchmark Assignment

Research Critiques and PICO Statement Final Draft

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Benchmark Assignment: Research Critiques and PICO Question Final Draft

This is your introduction. Please tell the reader about your topic of interest. Explain why you are interested in researching this topic.   Remember the introduction needs to grab the reader’s attention and it must give the reader an insight into the whole paper.

PICO Question and Relevance to the Topic

Please make sure you use my feedback from the PICO paper- if you give me the same question without revision you will get  penalized- my feedback should help you with creating a strong PICO. Using your book as support, xplain how your PICO question is related to your topic and how the studies are related to the PICO. Research Critiques and PICO Statement Benchmark Assignment Template

Combined Qualitative and Quantitative Studies


You will summarize the backgrounds of first the qualitative studies (paragraph 1) and then quantitative studies (paragraph 2)- showing similarities and differences in the problem, significance to nursing, purpose, objective, and research question. How do they all relate to your PICO?

Method of Study

Explain the research method of each of the articles you are comparing and how each method selected by the researcher is relevant to your topic. For example, in paragraph one; please explain the methods of your qualitative studies. Were these studies ethnographic, phenomenological, or grounded?  Explain why the researcher felt a better understanding of cultures, customs, habits, and differences was important to better understand the topic.


In the second paragraph you will tell the reader what method of quantitative the researcher used, such as descriptive, correlational, experimental, quasi-experimental.  Explain the value of quantitative research when examining your topic of interest.  

Results of Study

Summarize the key findings of your qualitative studies into one comprehensive paragraph. Look for similarities, differences, and how the results would help you make a change project happen in your area of practice. Remember the specific method will bring specific theme of findings. Do the same for your quantitative studies.

In a brief paragraph, explain how this information related to your practice or how you can take this information and apply it in your own project.

Ethical Considerations

Discuss importance of ethical research practice (use your text to support your statements) and describe how the researchers in the four articles you choose took these ethical considerations into account while performing their research. Research Critiques and PICO Statement Benchmark Assignment Template

Outcomes Comparison- Conclusion

Now go back up to your PICO question. Your four studies should be able to provide you a theme to best practice in answering your question. In a sense you should now have an answer to your burning question!! Explain how the results of the four articles you chose support or don’t support to your PICO question. How can this research help you become a safer, kinder, more compassionate nurse?





Research Critiques and PICO Statement Benchmark Assignment Template