Research Proposal Draft – Health Care

Research Proposal Draft – Health Care

People will often judge others not just on the answer that is provided but also the question that is asked. Since we can’t always get the answer right, we should try to at least get the question right!  So in this humbled researcher’s opinion, the most relevant question for a nurse practitioner is very important.  The question is: how can we elevate the level of health care in the United States and potentially the entire world while containing costs and effectively supply the voracious and ever growing need for compassionate, competent, and effective health care workers. This should also be accomplished as we fill the need for elevating the suboptimal work conditions, addressing the lack of respect, increasing the sub optimal remuneration, that advanced nurse practitioners are forced to endure on a daily basis.

The problem: Nurse practitioner are often bright, motivated, and talented individuals who are patient and just wanted to help the infirmed while making a career for themselves, which is barely possible in “todays climate”.

The cause: Bright students are often pigeoned hole out of having the opportunity to attend medical schools by an antiquated and unfair school system in the United States. This system unfortunately often weeds out very talented and passionate individuals. I believe that schools from the very early ages are teaching many outdated concepts and use very tricky, sneaky, and unfair testing practices and questions.  These schools waste a lot of time teaching out dated concepts and facts.  Our world and has change so much yet schooling is locked into teaching many of the same concepts it did a hundred years ago while often ignoring more important concepts such health and cancer related topics as well as finances.  Unfortunately, the teachers and their unions resist change and show no willingness to correct this because they are resistant to change, challenges, and learning themselves.  It reminds me of a parallel to the auto industry and their reluctance accept electric vehicles. As a result, many excellent people lose the opportunity to attend medical school or veterinary schools. Those who manage to navigate into the medical school system then are at risk of suffering form human arrogance and entitlement. As such, others ” less fortunate” are at risk of being treated as substandard in terms of pay, respect, decision making abilities granted, and just about every other right has been diminished (Consumer Report, March 2018, p. 48-57). Research Proposal Draft – Health Care.

But the question still lingers, can bright, compassionate, and intelligent, advanced nurse practitioners provide adequate health care to the masses as well or better than physician and the current system in place? The answer is yes! In fact, I would argue that physician to are under paid and over worked as our politicians and lawyers squander away our national dollars. Doctors no longer have the time to properly attend the needs of all of their patients as their salaries are constantly being lowered and their duties expanded on an almost daily basis. This gap is perfect for the advanced nurse practitioner to fill as our population expands. Additionally, it much less time consuming for our graduate schools to crank out an effective advanced nurse practitioner than a doctor. Physicians unfortunate loose so many years in non clinical classrooms learning antiquated facts and concepts due to a resistance for change on the behalf of the medical school system and it’s arrogant and self serving teachers associations. I guess maybe they still haven’t realized that the age of Google, electric cars, led lighting, robotic surgical equipment and advanced space travel is upon us and change is growth (Consumer Report, March 2018, p. 48-57).

In The Null Hypothesis a researcher tries to nullify, disprove, or reject, a hypothesis. The hypothesis the that an advanced nurse practitioner is inadequate for managing a patent is wrong and ca not be supported intelligently in this researcher’s humble opinion (Consumer Report, March 2018, p. 48-57).

The operational variables involved in determining the effectiveness and appropriateness of having a nurse practitioner, play an important role on the healthcare team, in decision making, and in complete having complete autonomy in managing a patient’s care are multiple.  Fortunately, studies have addressed these which can include: Patient satisfaction, improvement in health status, cost containment, availability of medical care. A recent article from consumers reports and others have revealed that nurse practitioners as well as physician’s assistants fill a crucial and vital role in the healthcare system and can adequately replace a physician especially when working with physician oversight, for many of the daily health care needs of many individuals in the United states (Consumer Report, March 2018, p. 48-57)(Ljungbeck & Sjögren Forss, 2017).

“Success of the MOQI model reinforces decades of research demonstrating that care provided by APRNs is cost-effective, safe, and associated with positive health outcomes and patient satisfaction” (Rantz , Birtley , Flesner , Crecelius , & Murray, Nov 2017). Research Proposal Draft – Health Care.



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