Seizures, SSRI and MAOI

Seizures, SSRI and MAOI

1. List 4 different types of Seizures with a brief description of each. (8 pts)

2. Name two categories of drugs used to treat epilepsy and how these drugs work in the body. (4 pts)

3. What is status epilepticus? Give the most common drug category for treating this disorder. (2 pts)

4. What is Parkinson’s disease? What are the two main goals of drugs used to treat this disease? (3 pts)

5. Explain the action of drugs used to treat Myasthenia gravis. (1 pt)

6. a. List 2 of the four examples of neuralgia or neuropathy discussed in lecture. (2 pts)

b. list the categories of drugs used to treat these disorders and briefly describe the therapeutic effects in treating neuralgia and neuropathy. (10 pts)


7. Briefly define insomnia and list 3 categories of drugs used to treat this disorder. (4 pts)

Psychiatric Drugs

1. What is SSRI? How does it work as an antidepressant? (2 pts)

2. a. What does the acronym MAOI stand for? (1 pt)
b. Explain its mechanism of action (how it works in the body?) (2 pts)
c. List 5 major food interactions with MAOIs? (What foods patients should avoid? (5 pts)
d. What happens if these foods are consumed while on these medications? (1 pt)
3. What is a tricyclic antidepressant? (3 pts)

4. What is the advantage of a combination drug over other drug therapies for treating depression ? (2 pts)

5. Describe the therapeutic effects of various categories of drugs used to treat: (8 pts)
a. Anxiety
b. psychosis (schizophrenia)
c. depression
d. manic-depressive disorder

6. List the categories of drugs used to treat: (10 pts)
a. obsessive-compulsive disorder
b. posttraumatic stress disorder
c. eating disorders
d. withdrawal from addiction
e. attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder