Vulnerable groups paper

Comment on the following vulnerable groups paper post;

At-risk groups include groups of individuals that have high chances of contracting diseases or illnesses. An example of this would be adolescents and young adults. These groups are less likely to use protection with sexual activity. They are also at increased risk for using drugs and alcohol due to peer pressure. More at-risk groups include drug addicts, persons with multiple sex partners, and prostitutes (Smith 198). These groups become vulnerable in their community and then become at-risk because of the situation they are in.


“Vulnerable” groups

Vulnerable groups include the elderly, infants, disabled, ill, and poor people (Smith 6). These groups of people are vulnerable to disease and illness and can’t help

themselves from debilitations in health.

Both groups have trouble advocating for themselves. Adolescents and young adults tend to shy away from healthcare whether it’s because of embarrassment, poor access, or oblivion. Infants cannot speak for themselves and may have caretakers that are able/willing to speak for them. The elderly often get “lost” in the system and have poor access to healthcare (much like infants). Disabled, ill, and the poor often don’t have access to healthcare as well or they have no one to help them.


I would advocate for healthcare for all communities. I would make access to health facilities more available for those in poorer communities. I would encourage free/low-cost preventative healthcare to poorer communities. I would also encourage access to sexual health for adolescents and young adults through schools and community clinics. I work with the elderly and always make sure they are well taken care of and if they are having trouble accessing the appropriate information, I am sure to get in touch with someone

that can help.


Everyone deserves access to their health.


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